Construction Update

November, 3, 2021

La Farge Schools Community:

A year ago today, La Farge and its surrounding communities approved a $5.5 million referendum to address deferred maintenance and infrastructure improvements for the facilities of the School District of La Farge.

As you may have noticed, construction has begun on these projects.

The School Board and District Administrative staff are committed to keeping our community informed about the progress of these projects. We are particularly attentive to the impact of this construction on our students, their families, our staff, and our neighbors.

Below are some updates that our students, families, staff, and community members may want to be aware of:


Construction trailers have been installed at the northwest corner of the parking lot. Two additional storage containers have been placed at the southwest corner of the parking lot. These units will have minimal impact on available parking spaces within the lot. The lot is reserved for student, staff, and visitor parking- no contractor/construction staff will be using the parking lot for their personal or professional vehicles. A designated parking spot for contractor/construction staff will be provided at the southeast corner of Adams St and N Mill street.

Current Staging/Construction Zone: 

The former tennis court area adjacent to the parking lot is being used for construction staging. A temporary fence has been installed surrounding the tennis court and an access road that leads from W North Street along the western border of the school building (tech ed and former band room), and stopping near the southern corner of the Grandstand. Walkthrough access from the Lions Shelter area to the parking lot is not available.


Construction vehicles have been asked to access the site from North Mill Street/131 and up W North Street, not via Silver Street. It is advised that students, staff, and families dropping off and picking up students enter the parking lot and elementary pick up line via Silver Street as much as possible to avoid interacting with construction vehicles.


Families of students who walk or ride their bikes to school, please discuss with your children the importance of watching for traffic and walking/biking on designated areas (not weaving through cars in parking lot, etc). The District is investigating the possibility of a crossing guard/traffic attendant for the school arrival period.


Typical hours of construction are 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday. Noise and traffic should be generally confined to those hours.


Construction zones will be moved to different areas around the school as the scope of the project progresses. The vast majority of all work is expected to be completed by mid August of 2022.


Please stay in touch with any questions or concerns you may have. Additional letters will be sent out as progress is made and updates are available.


Meaghan Gustafson, District Administrator

Aaron Nemec, Board President