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January 30, 2020 

To: La Farge School District Community Members
From: Meaghan Gustafson, La Farge School District Superintendent
Re: Clarification regarding Facilities Study

In November 2019, the La Farge School Board contracted with HSR Associates (La Crosse, WI) to conduct a comprehensive facilities audit, the findings of which will be used in the development of a long-term strategic plan for the District.

HSR Associates’ inclusive assessment of the district’s facilities identified aging, inefficient infrastructure (heating, plumbing, electrical), as well as issues regarding the accessibility and suitability of classrooms and instructional spaces. 

On January 20, 2020, HSR presented some preliminary findings to the Board at their regular meeting.

It was later reported locally that the Board was considering up to $16 million in renovations. To be clear, it has never been the intention of the Board to attempt to solve all of the issues facing District facilities at one time. In fact, the District does not even have the borrowing capacity to be able to fund a project of this scale.

Indeed, extensive repairs and renovations, as well as some smaller-scale projects, were outlined as explorative options for the District to consider. These ideas, among others, will be scrutinized in the development of a long term strategic plan designed to achieve the vision of the School District of La Farge. 

Just like in our homes, when repairs and renovations need to be made, we need to determine which things are critical and important, and what we can afford to do. 
The District is in the early stages of the process to prioritize the steps in a plan to improve our learning environment. In the coming months, community members are invited to participate in this ongoing conversation. 

  • On February 12 at 6pm, representatives from HSR Associates will be holding a second community focus group. More details about this listening session will be forthcoming. 

  • Additionally, every resident of the La Farge School District will have an opportunity to provide input that will inform the strategic plan through engaging in a community survey. Watch for your survey in early spring.

We look forward to our community members’ engagement as this process continues. With questions or concerns, please stop by the office, or contact me at or 625-0107. 

Meaghan Gustafson